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Taiba Lab - Art & Tech
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Our first interactive arts & tech lab for underprivileged children is being built one NFT at a time ¿Would you join us on this journey?

By investing in Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech, you support underprivileged children and fellow teacher artists benefited by our laboratory, where artistic and technological experiences take place, planting knowledge seeds on children. 

Who is Taiba?


Taiba, a mysterious female inhabitant of the moon, spreads moonlight dust rays all over the earth. A group of children started feeling her influence inside their dreams and began a journey on the metaverse, searching for clues left on NFTs.

Moonray creative influence irradiates each artist. They create unique pieces that pave the way for children to follow their steps into the blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse. Taiba supports their effort by precipitating her tears as stamps to unlock their stories.





About the project

We provide a free learning experience for underprivileged children in arts, blockchain, NFTs, web 3.0, and financial literacy.

  • Exclusive Art Pieces: Each NFT art piece from fellow artist-teachers supports a fund for technological enhancement towards arts, tech, metaverse infusion as well as their career into the criptoart space.


  • Seasoned Stamps: Guarantee enough resources to provide more learning sessions for our kids. The royalties will support increasing the number of children benefited by the program.

Each NFT will represent your donation to repair the existing gap between children, arts, technology, and financial literacy!

Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech
General Scope

  • Give underprivileged children better opportunities through an unmatchet learning experience.

  • Help our fellow Artists-Teachers enter the NFTs space, by promoting their work.

  • Replicate the teaching model opening other arts & tech laboratories.

We will achieve those goals by delivering an innovative learning experience using art as a mediation tool. Children will enjoy an artistic environment while learning how the blockchain-powered economy works and which skills will contribute to their future success!

As a supporter you will join us through all the process. The real power behind this NFTs relies upon you as a holder and part of our community. 

Funds Management
  • Whenever you purchase an Exclusive Art Piece: 80% will go to the creator and the remaining 20% to the equipment funding pool.


  • Whenever you purchase a Seasoned Stamp: 100% of the funds will go to sustain an arts & tech session for the children.

Either way your investment will make the learning experience possible!

Holders Benefits

  1. Digital portfolio from our fellow-artist teachers.

  2.  ​Access direct sponsorship opportunities and interaction with our beneficiaries

  3. Unlockable perks and random giveaways.

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About the Foundation

Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech is a project by Restaurando Futuro Foundation, a Colombian Non-profit dedicated to design, and execute projects integrating education, science and culture for positive social impact.

Poverty is a huge problem all around the world . Governments usually have an assistentialist approach to the people. Building a disruptive learning experience can be decisive in changing lives.

To achieve our goal, we have teamed up with organizations sharing common concerns


2022 q1

  1. Release the fellow artists-teacher's collections on Ethereum Blockchain.

  2. Open our discord server to deliver detailed news and milestones about the project.

2022 q2

  1. Drop the first season of themed stamps.

  2. Actively seek grants and other funding sources for Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech.

2022 q3

  1. Open the metaverse classroom for children.

  2. Drop the second season of themed stamps.

2022 q4

  1. Organize a virtual-physical event to showcase the advances of the project.

  2. Present the roadmap for 2023

Our Team
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Iván F. Morales García

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Concept Creator


Néstor Caro 

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Leidy Alejandra Vega Castro

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Lead Artist


Satoshi's Dreams

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