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Taiba Lab - Art & Tech


Welcome to Taiba Lab, the immersive education ecosystem where ancient knowledge and modern technology meet in the metaverse.

Taiba Lab aims to revolutionize education by providing immersive, interactive, and engaging learning experiences. We believe that the future of education lies in the metaverse, and our goal is to make it accessible to everyone.

Who is Taiba?
Who is Taiba?

Once upon a time, in the ancient days before time itself, Taiba, the moon goddess, roamed the vast expanse of the universe. She was a being of immense power and knowledge, and her wisdom was sought by many. Taiba believed all knowledge should be shared with all, so she scattered pieces of her vast knowledge throughout the universe, knowing that one day they would be found and used by those who sought them.

Over time, Taiba's teachings spread across the universe, and many learned from her vast knowledge. Her teachings were a beacon of hope for those who sought to better themselves and the world around them. Explorers learned about the secrets of science, the mysteries of math, and the beauty of the universe itself.





Humanity forgot about ancient times, making it harder to find the scattered pieces of Taiba's knowledge. A clash of timelines provoked by Furfuture created a portal inside Somnium Space where all the scattered fragments of Taiba's knowledge could be found in one place. And so, Taiba's legacy lives on inside a pocket world. Her teachings can be found in the virtual cosmos, waiting for those who seek them out. The Taiba Lab is a tribute to her wisdom, where students can immerse themselves in her teachings and learn from the goddess herself.

Through the Taiba Lab, students can explore the depths of the universe, uncover the secrets of science and math, and learn to think critically and creatively. They will embark on a journey to become masters of the metaverse, harnessing the power of virtual reality to unlock their true potential. So join us on this journey, and let the wisdom of Taiba guide you to new heights of knowledge and understanding. Together, we will unlock the secret knowledge of the universe.

About the project

At Taiba Lab, we believe learning should be fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone. That's why we've developed a groundbreaking approach to education that combines the latest research in pedagogy with cutting-edge technology to create immersive learning experiences that students will never forget. Inspired by the cosmogony of ancient cultures, our unique Lore brings an extra layer of mystery and excitement to the learning experience. Explore the megalithic structures and mysterious sculptures left behind by the sun god Ta and the moon goddess Taiba, and discover the deep knowledge of sciences and math that lies within.

At Taiba Lab, we combine the power of VR with the latest pedagogical research to deliver a truly unique learning experience. Our minigames are designed to help students learn basic arithmetic through interactive and engaging gameplay. Game mechanics available in VR environments, such as grabbable objects, triggers, sockets, levers, riddles, and puzzles, are spread across the scenarios. We help students develop a deep understanding of math concepts through actions applicable in the real world.

Our approach is grounded in the latest theories of pedagogy, including constructivism, experiential learning, and play-to-learn. We believe that learning should be a joyful experience.

Reenchant education, by making learning fun again!

Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech
General Scope


Taiba Lab is a revolutionary VR education ecosystem built within the Metaverse. Our platform offers immersive and engaging experiences for learners to explore math concepts through fun and interactive games. As a pioneer in EdTech, Taiba Lab combines the latest VR and gamification technologies with a pedagogical approach that stimulates curiosity and fosters a love for learning. With our unique blend of cutting-edge technology and story-driven content, Taiba Lab offers an unparalleled learning experience that will inspire and motivate learners of all ages. Join us on our journey to unlock the ancient secrets of the Moon Goddess Taiba and discover the power of immersive learning.

Join us on our journey to unlock the ancient secrets of the Moon Goddess Taiba and discover the power of immersive learning!


With a successful grant from the Colombian Ministry of Culture in 2021, Taiba Lab has made significant strides in revolutionizing the education industry, bringing blockchain and NFTs to Colombian artists and rural communities in Ibagué, Tolima. In 2022, we created the Expo Metaverso Art & Tech education event, where we reached over a thousand people interested in blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse technology in Pereira, Risaralda. We also received an award for our innovative project from the Catholic University of Pereira, further solidifying our commitment to disrupting traditional education methods. Our game-changing approach was again acknowledged at the E-tech Evolving Education Event hosted in Ciudad de Puebla, México. We were given another award for our disruptive education. Our momentum continued with the Somnium Space Creator's Fund in late  2022, allowing us to develop our first fully immersive educational experience, a basic arithmetic minigame. At Taiba Lab, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of education through cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, fully migrating to VR development inside the Metaverse.

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About the Foundation

Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech is a project by Restaurando Futuro Foundation, Colombian Non-profit dedicated merge art, technology, and education.

Make education fun again!

To achieve our goal, we have teamed up with organizations sharing common concerns.


2022 q1

  1. Release fellow artists' collections on Ethereum Blockchain.

  2. Open our VR Gallery.

2022 q2

  1. Actively seek grants and other funding sources for Taiba Lab - Arts & Tech.

2022 q3

  1. Start developing the first fully immersive metaverse experiences.

2022 q4

  1. Organize a virtual-physical event to showcase the advances of the project.

  2. Present the roadmap for 2023

Our Team
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Iván F. Morales García

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CEO Founder


Néstor Caro 

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CTO Partner

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Leidy Alejandra Vega Castro

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CCO Partner

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